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If your pet is suffering from an emergency, seek emergency veterinary care right away. Every minute counts. If treated early, many pet emergencies are survivable. However, as time goes on, the risk of death and serious complications increase. If you live in or near Vista, Oceanside, San Marcos, Fallbrook, Bonsall, Carlsbad, or Escondido, contact the Aloha Animal Hospital for emergency veterinary care right away!

How to Tell When Your Companion Needs Pet Emergency Care

Pets suffer from many illnesses, but lots of conditions clear up on their own. If your pet is suffering a little bit of diarrhea or a mild vomiting episode, it may be due to nothing serious. However, if you notice blood in your pet’s stool or vomit, or the episode seems particularly severe, pet emergency vet care may be in order.

Your pet might have a minor stomach bug. Or your cat, dog, or other pet may have swallowed something dangerous or poisonous. Likewise, severe stomach illnesses are often best addressed with proper veterinarian care.

If you believe your pet has broken a bone, you should seek out emergency services. The same is true with cuts and other injuries. You might wait a few hours to take your pet in for a minor cut. However, if there is a lot of blood loss or the cut is dirty or looks infected, emergency pet care provided by a veterinarian is in order.

If your pet is suffering seizures, seems especially groggy or unresponsive, or is having trouble breathing, emergency pet care is essential. Your pet may be experiencing an allergic reaction or another serious medical condition.

Further, if something simply feels off and your instincts are telling you that there’s a major problem, visiting a vet is the safe and prudent move. Instincts often prove correct when it comes to emergencies.

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