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How Can Acupuncture Help Your Pet?

The acupuncture treatment process is rather simple. A veterinarian inserts thin needles in your pet that stimulate blood circulation, among other benefits. Your pet feels little to no discomfort from the procedure. At Aloha Animal Hospital, serving Vista, CA, and the general vicinity, our veterinarians provide a variety of services for pets, including acupuncture. Let’s look at some of the benefits of acupuncture.

Decrease Inflammation

Your pet will have less inflammation because acupuncture triggers a chemical associated with decreasing swelling. A decrease in swelling can lead to less pain for your dog or cat.

Better Circulation

Acupuncture can improve your pet’s circulation. When blood travels more freely through your pet, the nutrients that stimulate healing are more plentiful. That means if your pet has an injury, acupuncture may speed up the healing time.

Pain Relief

Pain relief from acupuncture comes from the release of hormones associated with the needle placement. It can also stimulate your cat or dog’s nerves. Researchers believe that the needles also stimulate muscles, which is why it causes a reduction in muscle pain. Additionally, the needles can also decrease the prevalence of muscle spasms when they stimulate a muscle. Our veterinarian can use acupuncture to treat chronic pain like arthritis.

Respiratory Benefits

If your pet has asthma or chronic bronchitis, acupuncture can reduce some of the swelling in the pet’s airway. As a result, your pet will be able to breathe more freely. Our veterinarian will use this treatment as a complementary treatment to other medical interventions if your pet has a moderate to severe case.

Acupuncture Treatment for Pets in Vista, CA

At Aloha Animal Hospital, we welcome pets who have a variety of health issues. For certain issues, we may recommend acupuncture. If you feel like your pet can benefit from acupuncture, our veterinarians would be happy to further discuss the treatment and answer any questions. Call our team at Aloha Animal Hospital today at 760-724-8313 to speak with one of our veterinarians.


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