When you have senior pets, they may have developed arthritis over time. They must see a veterinarian to get the senior pet care they need for more comfort. There are different levels of arthritis, which can get quite pronounced in geriatric pets. If you think your pets may have arthritis, call our animal hospital in Vista, CA, to make an appointment for geriatric pet care. Then, your pets can be much more comfortable.

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What Is Pet Arthritis?

Just as with humans, pets from middle-aged to elderly can develop arthritis in various areas of their bodies. Arthritis is also known as degenerative joint disease. When pets have this disease, their joints can be damaged and unstable. As this occurs, the bones in the common start to move irregularly. With this movement, the cartilage between the joints as a barrier between the bones can erode. This deterioration leads to no barrier between the bones at all. Without the barrier, these bones rub against each other, resulting in a painful and inflamed joint. This deterioration can cause many symptoms in pets that let you know they’re in pain and need to see a veterinarian for treatment.

Symptoms of Arthritis

When a pet has arthritis, giving them the best quality of life is essential. Living with a lot of pain and stiffness can make it hard for your pets to do what they usually do daily. This pain may be why you notice many changes in their behavior. Geriatric pets may need senior pet care if they have a limp. Limping is a good sign that they have arthritis.

Other symptoms include the pets slowing down and stopping some of their playing behavior. For example, a dog can stop going up and down the stairs or jumping onto couches and beds. A cat will have a more difficult time jumping and climbing. They may also have trouble getting into the litter box and relieving themselves outside it. Dogs in pain may pant much more, even when they haven’t been running or playing. Cats can begin grooming an area where there is too much pain. When your pets want to sit or lie down more often than before, this can be another symptom of arthritis.

Call Our Veterinarian

If you suspect your pets may have arthritis, call our animal hospital in Vista, CA, or make your appointment for an exam and arthritis treatment if it’s needed for better comfort. We will care for your pets like they’re our own. So call us today at (760) 724-8313 to schedule an appointment.