Canine influenza is also known as dog flu. There are two known strains of canine influenza, H3N2, and H3N8. One strain of canine influenza, H3N2, can also affect cats. Both strains are highly contagious and can be deadly. Fortunately, there are pet vaccinations for canine influenza available from your veterinarian. At Aloha Animal Hospital, we have been helping pet owners in Vista, CA protect their pets from canine influenza for many years.

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Where in the United States is Canine Influenza a Problem?

In less than 20 years, both strains of canine influenza have spread all across America. It is now considered a major health problem in the American dog population. About 90% of dogs that get canine influenza recover. Canine influenza can quickly progress to pneumonia which is far more dangerous.

Symptoms of Canine Influenza

Dogs with canine influenza get runny eyes and nose, are extremely tired, cough, have a fever, and experience a loss of appetite. Any pet showing these symptoms need to be isolated from other pets or they will spread canine influenza. People taking care of sick pets need to wash their hands and change their clothes before handling healthy pets. Areas, where sick dogs live, need to be cleaned with a good disinfectant. Contact your vet at once for emergency pet care.

Can People Get Canine Influenza?

People cannot catch canine influenza from dogs. They can accidentally spread it to other dogs or cats by handling a sick dog and then touching a healthy dog or cat.

Diagnosing and Managing Canine Influenza

There are tests available from our vet to quickly determine if your dog has canine influenza or something else. Dogs need IV fluids to stay hydrated and may get antibiotics. There is, as yet, no cure. However, our veterinarian will help you manage your pet’s symptoms. This will keep your pet as comfortable as possible as the virus runs its course.

Preventing Canine Influenza

Pet vaccinations are available for dogs from your veterinarian. They are highly recommended for dogs that travel, go to shows, play in dog parks, or who frequently meet other dogs and cats. Our veterinarian offers many vaccines to protect your pet’s health and will help create a vaccination schedule tailored to your pet’s medical needs and lifestyle.

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