Preventative Care: 3 Reasons to Ensure Your Pets’ Vaccines Are Up to Date

Preventative care of all types can help give your pet a long and healthy life. From monthly flea and tick prevention to annual exams, here’s what you need to know to keep your pet safe. At Aloha Animal Hospital in Vista, Dr. Abella and Dr. Zelles recommend annual wellness visits and preventative care for pets. Both cats and dogs need immunizations to protect them from disease and injuries.

3 Reasons Pet Vaccinations Are Essential

You probably already know a vaccine protects your pet against rabies, distemper, and even kennel cough, but vaccination offers these benefits as well:

Lower costs: Some conditions simply are not treatable, but the ones that can be treated can get expensive in a hurry. Protecting your pet now takes under a minute and lasts for a full year. If you skip the immunizations, you could be looking at a costly veterinary bill in the future.

Easy boarding: If you need to board your pet in a secure, veterinarian-supervised setting, you will have to be up-to-date on your immunizations. This is to protect all animals in the boarding facility — including your own. Get vaccinated now, and you won’t have to worry about fitting in a last-minute Vista animal hospital visit for shots before you leave home.

Lowered liability: Any pet can bite or even accidentally injure someone. While no one wants that to happen — and you know your pet better than anyone — accidents do happen. You are responsible for your pet’s actions, and if he is not vaccinated, you could end up quarantining him for a time and with increased legal costs. Take steps now to ensure your pet is responsibly vaccinated just in case.

Travel and fun: If you want to travel with your pet, the airlines, resorts, and hotels that welcome pets require proof of immunization. Again, your pet needs to be protected, and you need to be able to conveniently travel without unnecessary delays. Get immunized now, and you’re covered for a full year of travel without having to come back in. Planning a staycation instead? Even the local dog park may require pets to be fully vaccinated before entry.

Schedule a Well Visit for Preventative Care Today 

It’s never too late to get caught up on your pet’s vaccinations. Get in touch today to schedule a full exam with immunizations. You’ll protect your pet’s health and ensure you don’t encounter delays later. Call Aloha Animal Hospital at (760) 724-8313 to set up an appointment and get the vaccinations you need in Vista, CA.