Introducing Digital Radiography

Aloha Animal Hospital is pleased to offer the latest, state-of-the-art imaging technology – the RapidStudy™ digital radiology (DR) system – from Eklin Medical Systems, the leader in digital radiology and image management.

Just as digital cameras have revolutionized photography, DR is changing the face of x-ray technology. Now, in less than four seconds, we can take a digital x-ray of our patient’s injury or area of concern without waiting precious minutes to develop film. We know instantly whether we have good view of the target area or if we need to get another angle of it. Also, digital radiographs can be electronically shared with board certified veterinary radiologists for higher level review and interpretation, and with owners to enhance owner understanding of their pet’s medical issues.

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Additionally, like a digital photo, a digital radiograph can be manipulated after it is taken. This allows us to vary the contrast of the image, change the resolution or magnify areas of concern. Because of this advantage, we can see things on the digital image which a film x-ray just wouldn’t allow us to before. We have actually improved our abilities to diagnose due to this ability. We also use the Eklin Digital Practice system which allows us to integrate any other digital images, such as ultrasound, with the DR images. This helps us evaluate the area of concern more closely and bring additional technologies into our diagnostic process.

Bottom line, these capabilities help us to make a more rapid and confident diagnosis. This means we can start treating the patient sooner. The technology has allowed much quicker results and on-line access for a certified radiologist’s review.

Quicker diagnostics generally results in quicker treatment and more positive outcome.

At Aloha Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing you with the best technology available on the market. We believe DR significantly enhances the healthcare we provide our patients. We think you will agree that your animal deserves the best clinical care and technology available. Our mission is to provide both for you and your pet.

We also have digital dental radiography for assessing dental disease in your pet.  This modality enables quick imaging of jaw lines and tooth roots with ability to show you in a clear manner.  This allows for immediate assessment of teeth that may have disease that wouldn’t readily be apparent on physical exam.